Our mission

Better Dog Training - Better Dogs

Our mission at Canine Momentum is bring together scientific knowledge and practical experience, providing better dog training for better dogs! Our commitment to continuing education, a high level of professional skill, and a special, personal touch make us unique. Dogs deserve training that is gentle, fun, and effective, and owners deserve patient and practical coaching. This is our mission. 

Meet the trainer


Emily Hilgenberg, CDBC

IAABC Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

  • 13 years dog training experienc, 7 years experience as a full time dog professional 
  • Extensive experience with a wide variety behavior issues 
  • Great “people training” skills - positive coaching for humans as well as their dogs
  • Successful competitor in many dog sports


Emily’s unique combination of scientific knowledge and practical experience means she has a solution for you and your dog! With 13 years of dog training experience and 7 years as a full time dog professional, she is skilled and experienced working with a wide variety of behavior issues. Before founding Canine Momentum, Emily was a full-time dog trainer at Instinct Dog Behavior and Training in Manhattan where she helped dogs and owners overcome behavioral challenges in a dense urban setting. Prior to that, she was a full time in-home trainer for the Chicago-based training company Problem Solved, where she coached owners and dogs through a range of complex issues. 


Emily’s background in working dogs and competitive dog sports gives her a hard-to-come by skillset that includes building motivation and drive, reading dog body language, and creating precise, reliable behaviors under distraction. Emily has titled dogs in Protection Sport, AKC Obedience, Dock Diving, and Rally-O. Her Belgian Malinois was the Protection Sport Association (PSA) 2016 Midwest Regional Champion and took 4th place at 2016 Level 1 PSA Nationals in Dallas, TX.

The Dogs



Cardigan Welsh Corgi


Born 5/27/11

She’s a little spicy and a little sweet - and a lot of fun! Keeva is the Head of Puppy Socialization, and still has to do the “zoomies” at least once a day, despite being 7 years old.  Her legs might be small but her personality is huge, and to know her is to love her.  

More about Keeva

Blossom PSA 1


Belgian Malinois


Born 3/31/12

She‘s fast, she’s fierce, and she loves to work. Known for her characteristic toothy grin when excited, Blossom is a successful competitor in Protection Sport despite having a rough start in life. 

More about Blossom