We adopted our pup Tucker at 3 mo. He was perfect….until he became a bully at 9 mo old. He would bite, bark and run our household. A friend recommended Emily. After our first “consultation'” we knew she was the answer. She was patient, gentle, and thorough. She took her time analyzing and addressing all his “problem” behaviors and told us everything was workable. It clearly see she loves dogs and her work. After the initial consult and only one lesson (we signed up for a package) we were given the tools to completely change Tucker’s behavior. He is a great dog… he just didn’t understand what we wanted from him. Emily explained that and took her time showing us step by step what to do to change his behavior. Our only regret is not finding Emily sooner! (We spent a small fortune on chain store trainers). We were at our wit’s end with our pup and honestly questioned if “there was something wrong with him”. Emily stepped in and really saved us!

-Joanna M.


We rescued a 2 yr old German Shepherd Nikka with animal and human aggression issues. We’d spent a chunk of change on training trying to get her to be the sweet dog we know she can be, but had no success.  We had gotten to the point where we didn’t think we could keep Nikka in our home. At our consultation, Emily came over and spent hours with us, and actually presented a plan that we were confident would work. After only a few lessons our Nikka has shown HUGE improvement. Emily cares about the animal and behavior modification is done in a positive reinforcement manner. We were on the verge of giving up on this dog ( to save a marriage!), but now we’re on the path to a happy forever after! Thanks, Emily!

-Tony and Pam S.


I just wanted to share my WONDERFUL experience with Emily and thank her for helping us keep our family together!!! In our house we have 2 fur babies, Linus (9) and Milo (3), and 2 fur-less babies Audrey (3) and Charlotte (5months). Milo and Audrey were having a rough time getting along (and that’s putting it VERY mildly). Milo would growl at Audrey if she was within 3 feet of him, and Audrey being a toddler just wanted to play with the cute puppy. That always ended in tears and boo boo kisses, so we called Emily and had her come for a consultation. She was SUPER educational and suggested a lesson package, and while I was trying to convince my husband that it would be worthwhile even though he said giving the dog away would be cheaper, Milo grew more aggressive and he agreed to try it. From the first consultation to the 3rd lesson Milo has improved IMMENSELY!

-Stephanie G.